Content Marketing Strategy

We create original and engaging content for marketing strategy for each client. We know how to strategically place content or specific key work on a site because we know how to make words sell.

Strategic Content Marketing increases rankings. We do this with creative design and content. At first, we find the problem and behaviors of the site. Resolving these issues by aiming to satisfy business objectives. We find the best way to influence consumer behavior with the end in mind – to boost sales.

Copywriting Content for the Web

Having the right copy, or textual content, on your marketing materials, be they brochures or websites, is paramount when communicating to your target audience. Copywriting is a two-step process that begins with a client providing as much information as possible about the message they want to convey to their readers. Frye / Wiles then takes that information, researches current trends and competition, and from all of this crafts effective marketing content.

Copywriting is especially important when optimizing a website for search engines (SEO). The development of targeted keywords and phrases specific to your business, and their correct implementation can greatly increase your website’s chances of ranking higher in various search engines. Frye / Wiles employs several experienced copywriters that have provided copywriting services to many of our clients.

Making Your Content Relevant

Is your website communicating with your customers and search engines? If not, we can help. Web Content Enrichment is our way blending relevant copywriting and clean navigation and proper semantics to provide a better user experience. Having good, informative copy is just part of the web development process. It’s essential to have that copy laid in a manner that allows users to be able to read clearly and find supporting information on relevant topics easily.

Basically, copy needs to be kept fresh to retain the attention of your user base. There are several ways of doing this. The way in which the information is conveyed is one way. To be able to draw users into the information you want them to see, and effectively market to them is the idea. This is the kind of thing we think about and plan for when developing a website. Especially a content driven website.

Our SEO experts will create unique content to increase your site’s visibility and conversions.

Content Marketing and social media is an effective way to encourage conversions. The goal is to build a content marketing path so the target audience needs are met. It always helps to be separate from your competition. Content Strategy followed by Marketing is to ensure the improvement of your company brand profile and reputation. Don’t forget that Web Development is just as crucial.

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