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It is important to capture the attention of viewers to your website with dynamic design as you have mere seconds to maintain their interest. It’s also important to be sure that your website represents exactly who you are as a company. Our goal is to draw the viewer in and explore what your website has to offer by presenting a visually appealing, inviting website with clear navigation. Through professional and creative website design, we enhance your brand online as it relates to your business. Click here to view some of our design examples.

Working hand in hand with website design, general web layout encompasses all the various ways in which your website appears, beyond design, to the user. Layout includes such elements as browser window size, display size, color settings, fonts used, resolution settings and more. We build interactive websites with client success in mind, ensuring that products and services offered are prominently displayed and focus on key advantages that separate our clients from their competition.

With a decade of experience helping businesses experience success through online and offline marketing services, we help business owners and entrepreneurs connect with customers, find new customers, and grow their business in the digital space.

To be competitive in today’s market, your website must continually reflect your evolving business goals and match your customers online behavior. A website should not only draw attention. Participate and the position of a website are to attract an individual, together with communicate your model and raise awareness of a service or product. You will not be given a second opportunity to make a first impression by your web visitors.

In a digital world, first impressions are essential, and a highly skilled web site design will be the key to success. Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically interesting and easy to navigate. Let our team support your site make an outstanding impression with supply and speed.

Website Design in Austin

Austin SEO Geeks are Affordable SEO Austin company that will get your organization seen in the digital world by utilizing style genius for generating brand personality using a long-lasting influence. We concentrate on developing a website to suit your model while getting these potential customers and provide numerous personalized style sets. We revise provide and collaborates with you until we complete an ideal style for your needs.

We believe that there could be close cooperation the foundation for a highly skilled outcome. You start with information audits whenever we evaluate demands and your preferences to competitive evaluation detailing possibilities, we collaborate at each stage of the procedure.

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Mapping out the structure and organization of data in a website is what we call Site Architecture. Much like blueprints for a new building, site architecture is the digital blue print for your website. This is also known as creating a site tree before beginning with the development of a website. This allows you to look at the total amount of information that will be inserted into the website from a top down perspective.

In other words, building out a site tree allows you to view in totality the scope of your site and and allows us to plan the development of the website accordingly. Properly crafting the flow of information on a site is essential – after all, if you can’t understand how your information is organized, how can you expect your website to be a valuable for your customers? At Frye / Wiles, before we design or develop any website, we map out the site tree first.

Let’s help you grow it with interest and get your company online

Succeed online — get fun experience that is best irresistible based on the sensible style and modern technology. When we get our design ninja’s ready for your project we first tackle the content marketing aspect. Making sure we take advantage of all sales strategies. Let’s get started!

WordPress for Web Design

A possible customer asked me not long ago why I say a Word Press Website design is the Ideal Foundation for a small business website. After all WordPress is the blog platform that every one of the bloggers employ isn’t it? Yes, WordPress is employed by many thousands of bloggers around the world yet it powers numerous regular web sites as well.  5 years ago most web-sites were developed and serviced by web designers. If you wanted to add anything to the web site or manage a handful of its content you would really have to go to your web designer and pay them to make the change.

Today, as an interactive web presence grows more and more imperative for small businesses, company owners ought to be able to keep their own websites up to date without the need to work with an expert. Adding or changing content on a WordPress-based site is as easy as using a word processor. Really, a “caveman” could do it! WordPress is an extremely powerful and flexible publishing platform on the market today. This means it can be readily extended to add functionality and so can be almost any type of website a small company might need. It could be a portfolio site, it can be an e-mail marketing site or a specialty social network. You can add a product catalog and run an e-commerce business with it. You can use it for event scheduling. You can use it to deliver video and podcasts. And yes, it can be a blog too.

Put You in Control of your Website

There are lots of proprietary website systems out there that one can use to develop a webpage. However, those proprietary programs are dependent upon you continuing to use the service provider. You can’t pick up your Hubspot web-site and take it to your own internet host. You cannot take those Site Builder sites anywhere else. A Go Daddy “Website Tonight” website will have to stay at Go Daddy. At the time you commit to them, all your hard work stays with them. With WordPress it is easy to control who you do business with. If you begin a WordPress web site with Go Daddy and later decide you don’t like them it’s easy to move your website to another web host without sacrificing any of the work you’ve already put into it.

Yes, WordPress began as a blog engine, however it has turned out to be so much more. With every new version new opportunities are added. And because it is “Open Source” there are an endless number of developers writing plugins enhance its operation. If you choose Austin SEO Geeks, you will have expert WordPress skills working for you. Help is at hand There are actually a large number of web developers and web designers who are experts in WordPress. Is there some new solution you would like to test with your website? You will not need to look very far for an expert. In case you aren’t happy with the assistance that you are receiving from one it is easy to find another.

WordPress is the opposite of proprietary. It is possible to take it anywhere, add virtually anything to it and easily find someone to work on it. It has been said that, if you can conceive of it, it can be done with a computer, but Austin SEO Geeks takes the difficulty out of it. The primary difference is in who actually does your Web design for you. Yes, you can, if you wish, add content to your WordPress web-site, but a professional WordPress website can add functionality you’ve probably only dreamed of in the past.