Press Release Writing & Submission

Press releases are just another way to expose products or services on the internet. Press releases are just like movie releases and music press releases. They create interest and stir up excitement about a website and what it has to offer. Companies should write a press release for their website when they launch a new product or service. Press releases are another way to get optimized keywords out there to the public along with hyperlinks and other relevant information out there.

Keyword-rich Content

Small businesses should aim to make press releases as content and keyword rich as possible. Always keep the date current on them, and don’t make references to the date published. The press release should look fresh because readers are always looking for the most updated information available. Online optimized press releases are a great way to get even more exposure and a higher ranking on Google and the other search engines. Press releases also give websites the chance to highlight a particular feature, product, service, or anything else that is new and happening in their business, attracting the attention of potential customers and buyers.

Think about it. The moment that the press release gets published on an article publishing website, we have now created an incoming link to the website. This not only helps with rankings on Google and other search engines, but it is also another way for visitors to find the website.

Online Optimized Press Releases

Online optimized press releases typically are the most effective. Companies need to make sure that the press release is written in such a way as to attract the right audience and target marketing group. Starting with a catchphrase, while throwing in a keyword or two, definitely doesn’t hurt. Make sure that the keywords are strategically placed, scattered throughout the press release. Business owners should also consult their SEO company if they do not have the “gift of writing”, or need some help or advice. They will be able to either guide them through the process, or they might just let them handle everything. After all, they are trained in optimizing press releases, so they know best!

How to Write a Press Release for SEO

Writing a press release is not like writing just plain website content. It is more like writing for a purpose, as there are specific phrases and words and links that must be used in order for the press release to have the most positive effect on the marketplace. However, while doing all of this, websites still have to intrigue their audience! Top 10, the best, the worst, all of these tend to do very well with press releases as it seems to capture the attention of the audience. Press release writing should most often just be left to an SEO company, as they will make sure it is optimized for the specific keywords and put the language in a way that it is appealing to the reader.

Online Publicity Keeps Customers Current

In the end, an excellent online optimized press release is the best way to let the consumer market know about a new product or service. It should be optimized for keywords, and be content rich. Writing a press release is a great way to add updated information to the website and give potential future customers something to get excited about – the products!

Get them excited – the most overlooked part of press releases. Everyone tends to write press releases, and he or she stays focused on the keywords. Meanwhile, they forget that the press release is meant to draw attention and as a result, create traffic. If you would like Austin SEO Geeks to help you with press release writing, we are happy to provide that as part of our search engine optimization services. Please contact Austin SEO Geeks for an appointment today.