On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is essentially just that: website optimization that is one on the actual website that consumers and customers can see. On Page Optimization services are essential when setting up your website. On Page Optimization (and Off Page Optimization) is what will send your website to the top ranking in returned search results. Although no one has the exact and perfect formula for making every website #1 on Google, there are tried and true methods to get it on up there. On Page Optimization includes keyword selection. This is a process where a search engine optimization company will determine the best keywords for your given market. This is followed by keyword placement, which is the choosing of certain words that will be strategically placed in the meta tags and text of your website. When spiders and meta crawlers go through the millions of websites in existence, they are looking for these keywords. They make the website relevant to the customer’s search. Keyword research is usually done by an internet marketing or SEO specialist. They will make sure that your On Page Optimization is the best it can be, making your page rank high. On Page Optimization services covers such areas as images; naming your images with the keywords that will work for your website, as well as internal linking.

Linking involves getting hooked up, essentially “linked” to other relevant websites. On Page Optimization services even look at the code of a website. Specific percentages of code to text need to implemented correctly.

Internet marketing can also be called web marketing, emarketing, online marketing, and internet advertisement. It basically covers any type of marketing done on the internet. It’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, it’s an intricate process to complete and make successful. “Easier said than done” is how the phrase goes. Internet marketing is a strategic process to first lure customers to your website, and then get them to stay there and look around and finally to purchase your product or service. Before all this can occur, an internet marketing specialist must create a strategy for your website. An internet marketing strategy includes everything from email marketing to ad campaigns, search engine marketing, and affiliate marketing, to name just a few. Within each of these there will be a proven internet marketing strategy, specifically catering to your product or service. In email marketing, the strategy will include marketing to a specific target age and location audience. On Page Optimization will be a critical component of your search engine marketing strategy.

Leave it to the professionals to create an internet marketing strategy that works with your company’s specific needs. You will be glad you did – often you will see results quickly, if the internet marketing strategist you are working with comes out of the bull pen with a very aggressive internet marketing strategy. Austin SEO Geeks follows basic SEO principles, which include on page optimization, to try to create the most effective internet marketing strategy. Please contact us and we will be happy to go through our strategies and map out a successful plan for your online business.

HTML Optimization

The myth that html tags are irrelevant is a great misconception! In reality, it is the meta html tags that have lost their importance because of the abusive methods used when in the past. Web designers and SEO specialists used to inundate the html meta tags and code with keywords; they really over did it by well, cheating. It just doesn’t make sense to cram as many key words into one meta tag as possible, so this old method has all but been eradicated. MSN still sees meta tags with key words as relevant, but to Google, they mean nothing. Html optimization includes everything in the tags of the html (the skeleton) of your web site. The html title tag is still very important, as you can use your key words that have already been proven to work for your website. Since search engines limit the number of characters accessed on the title, it is very hard to take advantage of the titles. Title tags are the words that you see at the very top in the title bar of your internet browser. The more relevant the words you use in your title, the more relevant your site looks, so everything sort of matches the same title, the same key words, the same theme and content. Another extremely important html tag to consider is the description meta tag. This is a short description of what a certain page is about, and can be endlessly useful when the spiders and meta crawlers look at your site. However, more importantly, this description is what your potential customers will see. If you can give them a good first impression, it could turn into a repeat client! Use this html tag wisely.

Html optimization does not only include the basic html tags you need, but it also involves taking out html junk that you don’t need. Html optimization involves taking out the tags that are left over from webpage authoring tools, frames, and flash. Flash looks really nice on the page – it adds a great dynamic, but it is hard for spiders and other meta crawlers to read and recognize and it can also slow the speed of your page loading. The time it takes for your page to load also has a lot to do in the indexing and page rank of your web site. Most of the html optimization techniques are pretty self-explanatory and often are just simple common sense things. If your page takes a long time to load because of lots of extra html elements that could be cleaned up, people will not want to sit and wait on it, so the spiders will knock it down in its importance. Frames can be recognized by the tag. They will really only bump you down in relevance in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. There is a lot to be said for html optimization, which includes the addition of links and tags you need as well as content you can take out, and things you don’t need. A combination of both will help your page climb in ranking!

When Austin SEO Geeks takes on a new project, one of the first tasks in their optimization service is to identify and clean up excess html. This can be in the form of JavaScript, overuse of html tags, and poor text:html ratios. We recommend that you look to a professional in order to get the best results in search engines.