Link Building

Link building has become the hidden treasure of search engine optimization. Business owners often wonder why link building is so important – try to build some links to a website without reciprocating. It is no secret in the search engine industry that building quality one-way links is difficult. There are several ways to maximize efforts when building links.

A strong one-way link campaign has to have the right balance of links. Now, we are not suggesting that a business owner go out there and start purchasing links. Link-building is a very methodical process. The only reason that we would recommend buying a link would be to get a very high page value, the industry leader for a particular industry. Paying for links for the sake of getting a random link is not something we recommend. Natural links are challenging. The best way to get these links are through publishing articles that are picked up by other sites, and then the article has a link back to a website.

Asking for Links

Sitting around requesting links don’t work anymore. Those who own websites and handle incoming email will understand. When a link request comes in, we are quick to delete. The practice of trading links does not help. If a website is healthy, why link out to a lesser website? If a website is weaker, why would a strong website link back to it? So, one is left with writing quality articles about their industry where others will find an article, and they will want to link into the article as a reference! Finally, submitting to directories in order to get that link is one way to generate links. However, if something is EASY, it is probably not worth much weight in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Link Building Service

Our link building service is just one part of our overall search engine optimization campaign. However, it is an essential part of search engine optimization. Everything in SEO needs to be done with a plan in mind. For example, it is not recommended to take a brand new website and create thousands of links within a few days. The main reason is that it just won’t look natural. Link Building is meant to identify the importance of the website. So, a brand new site cannot build those numbers of incoming links unless it was doing something illegal or it was fortunate. Therefore, a business owner just needs to make sure that the company they choose knows what they are doing. Patience is a virtue when it comes to SEO. Austin SEO Geeks understands this and would like to help build out an SEO plan. Please call us, and we will be happy to sit down and outline an overall strategy.

One-Way Link Building

One way link building services include backlinks, inbound links, link campaigns, and sometimes directory submissions. This is an extremely important part of off page optimization, as it is said to carry the most weight. The game has changed because of the on-page optimization abuse that has gone on in the past. Never fear, with change comes new and better ways to operate. One way links are just that: an incoming link from a website where you do not have to link back to them. This is easier said than done. It represents one more way a customer can get to the website, and we all know that we need to give consumers every available chance to get to our website. However, it also tells search engines like google that other websites think the website is important. That is the real benefit of “quality” one-way links. So much goes into the well-balanced game of search engine optimization. Notice that we emphasize the word “quality”. These days, getting links is easy. Getting “quality” links is extremely difficult.

One way linking works best when the website that links to the client website is relevant to what the website talks about and offers. Trust is another thing that gets built with inbound links, especially if they are linked to a site with a high page ranking. It is common sense: if a website is linked to an important site, then Google will see that site as important, too. The more important the site it is linked to, the more important the recipient website looks, as well, and the higher your website will climb in the returned search results!

So, how do you go about building these links?

Well, the easiest way to do this would be to hire an experienced optimization company which has strong internet connections within a genre and then possibly purchase some of the incoming links. However, websites need to have a good mix of purchased links and naturally built links. The good old-fashioned method of hard work and research is key to success in this area.

One way link building also gives spiders and other crawlers a chance to recognize the website when crawling others. Spiders will be able to index a website faster and more efficiently if they can find it easily. For one way link building, keep in mind to use the specific keywords that have been proven to work for the website. Anchor text is a critical part of inbound links. Anchor text is just the text that is linked to a page on a website. This not only shows the crawlers and spiders that a site is relevant (just by providing the link) but that it is specifically relevant to those certain words that are linked to your site. Be careful… Search engines want naturally looking incoming links. Using click here every once in a while for an incoming link is not a bad practice. It is all about balance!

Link Building Scams

Some link building advice we can give is not to get sucked into link building scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is. There is no such thing as an overnight success when it comes to search engine optimization, off page optimization, and one-way link building. It does take time, depending on how broad a topic, it could take a month or two before beginning to see improvement in rankings. Another bit of advice we can give about one-way link building is to just keep at it. Keep trying to find quality sites that will link to the website, the more a business exposes their site, the better – the more traffic they yield, the higher the chances are of selling a service or product!

The reason we provide so much information on our website is that we want informed clients. We want our clients to understand the work that Austin SEO Geeks Professional Web Services will be bringing to the table. Sometimes, the amounts of work that goes into proper search engine optimization techniques go unnoticed. If you would like to speak to one of our SEO specialists, please contact us, and we will be happy to speak with you.