Search Engine Copywriting

There are many places to find copywriting tips online, and here we will go over what copywriting is, its purpose, and give you some copy writing tips. Copywriting is essentially text (copy) that is written for websites. When we say “written”, we do mean actually written by a person, and not generated by a program. It is vital to have real text and unique content on your website, as more and more websites are popping up that do not have original content. These sites are not consumer friendly because they often don’t have anything that a consumer is looking for. They may contain adware, pop ups, and other harmful items hidden within the site. Google has taken this into consideration, and updated their spiders and other crawlers to detect when text is not unique.

Some online copywriting tips that we can give you would be to hire an SEO copywriting firm, first and foremost. They will have professionally trained SEO writers and will research your keywords to optimize your website for the best keywords. They should also make a guarantee to write unique copy for the purposes of attracting Google and the other search engines in a positive light. If you are going to go ahead and try to write content yourself, you should definitely look online for more copywriting tips before you begin. Copywriting for search engines is almost a science these days, complete with algorithms, and everything. You will need to research keywords before you begin. There is not enough to be said about doing good key word research. It is the most vital part of starting to get unique content on your site. For that, you will need the help of copywriting market services. They can help you determine the best keywords for your site. You can then start writing your content on your own.

The old rule of thumb is to have 3 or 4 key words for an article of 200 to 300 words. The main keyword should be used 4 or 5 times, the second key word 3 or 4, the third one a couple of times, and so on. These rules no longer apply.

It’s a good idea to research related words. There are great tools online where you can enter a keyword and it will expand it to a relational tree showing related keywords. These would be the keywords you would want to show you on your site. Remember to keep your content unique to catch Google and the other search engine’s attention. Use the keywords that were researched for you. Since it is very intricate, we suggest you hiring a professional SEO copywriting firm to help you out.

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Optimized Article Writing

Optimized article writing is becoming more and more popular because quality is hard to generate. This is now a standard SEO technique that is used a lot by SEO companies and website optimization specialists everywhere. Optimized article writing is basically just that: articles that are written for the sole purpose of using strategically placed optimized key words to grab the attention of the spiders and crawlers on the internet as well as keeping the interest of your visitors. Search engines want to make sure that your website has the correct information for the person doing the search. That is how they will be successful. Having quality content on your pages will make your website more attractive to search engines.

Having optimized articles on your site will benefit you in many ways. Articles can boost your traffic because Google will pick up on the keywords, and give your site relevance. You will want to concentrate on 3 or 4 keywords in each article you write, to get the most out of your writing, and also to optimize your pages in the best way possible. We say to target 3 or 4 keywords so that your article stays on focus. If you see that you can fit more keywords into one article, you will be better off splitting up the article into 2 or 3. You don’t want to over saturate one article with lots of keywords. You want to focus on three to four key words so that it will be easily recognized by Google and the other search engines with ease. At the end of the day, you don’t want your article to seem fabricated. Let it flow. Just identify your target keywords, then write the article. If it is properly written, these keywords will just flow into your article without even trying to insert them.

Within the article writing, adding in strategic links based on keywords will boost the ranking as well. A select amount anchor text can be used to point to other pages on your site. This process is called internal linking, and it is a great way to keep readers on your website. If they are reading along, and come upon an anchor word that is hyperlinked to another page that is more like what they are looking for, they can then click that link, and go to the article or page they were originally looking for. Article writing is really a common sense process. The better that keywords and internal linking is used, the more value your article will have to search egines. Unfortunately, there is no perfect number of keywords or internal links to use. Our best advice is to think how your visitor would think. If it looks like there are too many keywords, there probably are. If it looks like there are just too many internal links, there probably are. More is not necessarily better in this game. Article writing is not a complex process, but you really need to know what you are doing to get the best results out of it.

There are various article writing software programs available on the market today, but they are not always your best bet. These programs work by creating a general text format, then you type in the key words that you want to optimize and it automatically generates the article. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, and the easy way isn’t always the right way. The thing with automatically generated articles is that the text is often so redundant that it is extremely boring to read. On top of that, these programs have a tough time checking for grammatical errors, punctuation, or plurals, capitalization, etc. The end result might be an awfully written article that makes hardly any sense, but it has your key word in there 25 times in 200 words. The drawback to this is that Google and the other search engines want to see unique content article writing. Their algorithms are so advanced, that they can identify patterns in code to classify an article as being generated by a program! Think original content!!!! Put your heart and soul into your articles. Share your experiences, and you will be fine.

Article writing services can be found all over the internet. If you want, you could look up how to write an article, and do it yourself. We would not recommend this, as there are professionals that are trained in the field of optimizing written articles. It is not necessarily about being a writer, but knowing how to have the right balance of keywords and internal links within the article. That is the advantage of hiring someone that provides article writing services over a program that automatically generates the articles.

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