Law Firm SEO

If clients aren’t aware of your law firm then, you won’t get success in getting the new clients. In this post, check the five effective Law firm SEO tips to appear on the first page of Google to drive good traffic and leads to the site.

Correct Keyword Strategy

This is the most important tip in the law firm SEO as the law niche is a very competitive industry. So you might not rank right well for most of the keywords related to law firm service pages. Thus you need to establish your search engine rankings for the less competitive words. The best way is to create brand awareness and search engine presence for the keywords including your services in the local area first. For example, if your law firm is based in Austin then you might target the following keywords-

  • Austin law firms
  • law firms Austin
  • best law firms in Austin
  • family attorney Austin Texas
  • Family lawyer Austin Texas
  • Austin accident lawyer

Using the above set of keywords for optimizing the site can provide significant results for the law site.

Proper Optimization

Provide the proper navigation so that visitors can easily access the pages on the site. Make sure phone numbers and email are prominently displayed so that the customers can contact directly and lawyers get the calls or queries. Service pages of different categories such as divorce, criminal, car accidents, etc should have different sections on the site. Optimize the Meta title and description with the main keyword. The content should be more than 300 words for every page and have the right keyword proximity and density to appear higher in the search engines. Optimization is an effective tip for Law Firm SEO.

Have the Mobile-Friendly Site

With so many people using mobile devices, mobile search queries are increasing day by day. If the site isn’t mobile-friendly, law firms will certainly lose potential clients. When they have access to your mobile site then chances are more to visit your firm. In fact, you should convert the site to all the mobile devices through responsive design. Test everything and remember to add the contact information properly possibly a click away.

Focus on Local 3 Pack Results

This is an important tip for Law Firm SEO. The best way to get the clients is to appear in the local 3 pack results. To appear in the local three-pack results, law firms must be optimized by submitting the profile to Google+ and optimizing it. Keep the Google + profile active by posting on it on a timely basis. Create online citations including Name, Address, Phone Number and Website. Make sure that the citations are accurate and consistent all across the web. Get the maximum online reviews as possible and don’t forget to respond to the negative reviews.

Improve User Experience

It’s not only about just driving traffic but also important to convert the traffic into potential clients. It is vital for the SEO for Law firms. Thus it is important to develop the content which is user-friendly with the call to action buttons at prominent places. Include the following details on the website-

  • Case studies
  • Case results
  • Lawyer bios
  • Testimonials
  • Blog Posts

These will help in increasing the engagement of the audience and thus the potential clients. Now that you know the SEO for law firms, implement it today and start getting massive traffic and leads to the site.