Increase Sales through an Increase in Web Site Conversion

Increase sales online with a service that will increase your web site conversion or costs you nothing.

Before completing the online application form to submit details of your web site for evaluation, please read carefully the steps to increase your web site conversion and the conditions of service. Please note, for your web site to be eligible for our services it must satisfy all our conditions of service.

We reserve the right to reject any applications which we consider have not supplied accurate or complete information (see also Notes 1 to 3).

Due to the basis on which we offer our services (no improvement, no fee) we can only accept web sites that we consider have sufficient sales and potential for improvement. We will advise you if your application has been accepted.

Steps to Increase Web Site Conversion

  1. An initial evaluation of your site is completed to see if it would be suited to this service. If it is, some code would need to be added to your landing page and a few other site pages so that an estimate can be made of your current web site conversion rate.
  2. A more detailed evaluation of your landing page design and site is carried out to analyze what changes to make and the tests are planned that will determine what changes will increase web site conversion rate.
  3. On the basis of this detailed evaluation, you will be advised how much you would need to eventually pay based on what needs to be done to increase your web site conversion rate and increase web site sales.Don’t forget you only pay for success and you only pay an amount according to how much we increase your web site conversion rate. The greater the improvement the greater the increase in web site sales and the more you would be expected to pay once the sales are achieved.
  4. The factors and page elements that are to form part of the planned tests are developed during brainstorming sessions which you may join in if you wish. The proposed test plan is then sent to you for your agreement.
  5. Once the test factors are agreed, the various different page elements to be tested will be created and put into the multivariate test program.
  6. FTP access to your site is required to add test scripts to your server to be able to run the tests and monitor the results.
  7. Once the test is live, each visitor sees a different version of your landing page. Should the same visitor return they will see the same landing page as before.

    Visitors will not know you have many versions
    of the same page and will not know you are testing

  8. After sufficient data has been obtained, the best combination of page elements that produce the best increase in web site conversion will be determined – this will result in the best-optimized landing page design.
  9. You will be notified of the conversion rate the best landing page achieved and based on previous estimates for conversion rate you will be advised of the percentage by which your web site conversion has increased.The percentage of the improvement will determine what you need to pay based on the original submitted proposal and signed agreement.
  10. Once payment is received you will be sent the winning page or if you prefer to have it upload to your site so that it becomes your new permanent landing page. You will also receive a copy of the test data and results for the winning page and all the other pages tested.All test code and scripts will be removed at the completion of the Pay Per Conversion Rate Improvement program.

    Code will NOT be left on your site to monitor further visitor
    or sales activity under ANY circumstances.

Conditions of Service

  1. Due to test plan time constraints, it is not normally possible to accept landing pages for optimization and Pay Per Conversion (PPC) Rate-Improvement if they generate less than 15 sales per month.
  2. You must allow proposed changes to your landing page design and your site if you want to use this service to increase web site sales.
  3. Speedy and responsive communications are essential to a successful outcome. You must have someone who can answer queries and approve changes normally within one working day. If you feel you may not be able to respond to questions quickly, then you should not apply.
  4. For the testing to be carried out your web site must support PHP and MySQL – ask your web host if you are not sure.
  5. You must allow a test page to be added to your site and allow code to be added to other pages for testing purposes including pages in the order process. You must also allow the possible addition of a few server scripts. Experience shows that this process runs more smoothly and trouble-free if we take care of these changes. Temporary FTP access is therefore required to your site.

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