How To Link Instagram To Facebook Business Page

Instagram and Facebook are two of the leading platforms for social media marketing. The number of Instagram users are increasing day by day and crossed 300 million daily active users in January this year. Instagram is also one of the most popular social networks worldwide. People posts on Instagram and often want to post on Facebook as well to increase the engagement on posts. But they don’t know how to link Instagram to Facebook Business page.

In this post check out how to link them. First of all, let’s check the benefits of linking Instagram to Facebook Business page

  • It increases the followers on Instagram as your Facebook followers know that you have an Instagram account as well.
  • You get more engagements for the visual posts on Facebook.
  • Instagram lets you target the relevant and popular hashtags which help to increase the reach on Facebook.
  • You can showcase Instagram posts on Facebook simultaneously by just one click which helps in cross-platform promotions.

How To Link Instagram to Facebook Business Page?

Here are the five simple steps on how to connect Instagram to a Facebook business page.

  1. Go to your profile settings on an Instagram app.
  2. Click “Linked Accounts” and select Facebook. Provide access to your Facebook business pages from Instagram.
  3. Once you select Facebook, you have the options to choose from the personal profile (default) and Facebook Business pages you manage.
  4. Select the Facebook business page you want to connect. Thus, the linking of Instagram and Facebook is done.
  5. Now post on Instagram with relevant hashtags and select the Facebook option.

Cross-check on your Facebook business page whether the post is published or not. So as you can see below the post is published.

So now that you have learned how to link Instagram to the Facebook business page start sharing on Instagram. But remember that the behavior of the audience and social media marketing is not the same on Instagram and Facebook so post accordingly.

If you don’t want to link the Instagram and Facebook business page then click “unlink” as shown below.

Facebook extended the advertising on Instagram and businesses have already seen notable and positive results. So you can link your Instagram account to the Facebook business page for advertising. For this, you have to follow a two-step process.

  1. Go to Facebook Business Page and click Settings on the top right corner.
  2. Select Instagram Ads on the left side and click “ Add Account”. Add your Instagram account by adding login details.

This helps you to run your Facebook Ads on Instagram as well. By reaching a larger targeted audience, you can get positive results from your advertising and social media marketing efforts on Facebook.


By learning how to link your Instagram to a Facebook business page, start showcasing Instagram visuals of your business on Facebook. This will help you in targeting the audiences on Facebook and a chance to connect with them on Instagram.

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