How To Be Successful On Twitter

Twitter is a widely used social media platform to market your brand’s products and services. Twitter leverages marketing efforts as it allows the tweets to go viral due to its wide reach and multiplying effect. It helps to increase the traffic on the site almost instantly. Success on Twitter will take time and requires persistence and patience. In this post, check out the top ways on how to be successful on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter Successfully

1. Optimize Your Profile

Make your business identity branded and include the link to your landing page in Twitter Headshot. There are two crucial things you should include in the profile- optimize the author’s bio and include keywords or hashtags. Include the details in your bio of what you do, what you can offer and how you can help the people. Make your Twitter profile publicize so that people can easily find you. Use personalization in the form of Direct Message and provide a chance to people to connect with you in a better way.

2. High Performing Tweets

If one of your tweets is performing well and getting a lot of engagements then you can pin this tweet on the top of your profile. Simply do this by clicking the ellipsis icon below the high performing tweet and choosing “Pin to Your Profile Page”. You can also embed the high performing tweet on your blog or site. For doing this, you can click the embed tweet and copy the HTML code and paste the code at an appropriate place on the site.

3. Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool on how to be successful on Twitter. If you want to build a strong follower base then use the relevant and popular hashtag related to your niche. Find the hashtag on or other sites and use them in your Twitter posts. It not only helps to grow the followers but also increase the engagement for your posts. It is recommended to use 2-3 relevant hashtag naturally in the post.

4. Grow Your Followers

This is an important way of how to be successful on Twitter. You need to follow other people to grow your followers on Twitter. You can follow the people by searching them with the hashtag related to your industry. Retweet and like the other Twitter posts is also the way to grow your Followers. You can also mention the people in Twitter posts to add value and grow the followers for yourself. Use tools such as Unfollowspy to grow the Twitter network,  You can also unfollow the people who don’t follow you or follow back people who follow you.

5. Embed Tweets and Twitter Feed on the Site/Blog

You can embed the high performing tweet on your blog or inside the post to get more engagements and encourage its sharing. Add a Twitter feed to the blog or site to show the latest tweets and turn visitors into your Twitter followers.

6. Perform Influencer Marketing

Twitter is a widely used social media platform that has many niche specific Influencers. Influencer Marketing is greatly in demand in 2019 to leverage the marketing efforts for businesses. You can utilize the power of these Influencers to grow your business. Find the Influencer using hashtag or search, check their Twitter profile and followers base, shortlist them and shoot an email to share your posts by offering money to them.

7. Search Competitors

On Twitter, You can easily search the competitors in your industry. Make the list of 3-5 competitors and analyze them based on their posts, twitter activity and followers. You can grow your followers by following the people listed in their profile. Check the time of tweets and the number of tweets they post per day to remain competitive in the industry. Analyze them and follow the strategy to outperform them.

8. Make a Twitter List

Twitter Lists allow you to group the important people on the same list based on their industry. You can create up to 20 different lists including 500 accounts each. Monitor the list using tools such as Hootsuite. This list will help you to target specific content to a specific group of people and help you with how to use Twitter successfully.

9. Add Analytics

It is crucial to monitor the performance of your tweets. It helps to know what’s resonating and what’s not. Twitter Analytics will help you to analyze the top-performing tweet, top mention, and top follower. It also helps in comparing the results for 28 days over the previous same time period.

10. Promote Tweets

You can advertise on Twitter and promote your tweets to reach a larger audience. This will help to drive more instant and targeted traffic to the site. Ensure that your tweets aren’t spammy and provide value to the people rather than just clicking the link.

Twitter is a great platform for growing your customers and generating new business opportunities. Now that you have learned on how to be successful on Twitter, utilize it to the fullest and get success.

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