Competitor Analysis – Beating the Competition

Using Your Competitors to discover what you need to do with your Web Pages to get in the Top 10 Search Engine Results

Competitor Analysis

Knowing where and how much to optimize, to compete against the top 10 competitors, means you don’t waste time overly optimizing pages when you don’t need to.

Competitor Analysis tells you what optimization to undertake with your web site in order to compete with pages holding the top 10 search positions in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Determining the optimization you need to do on your web pages in order for them to compete with the existing top 10 results in the SERP’s can be a tricky business.

How will a Top 10 Competitor Analysis Report help me ?

Everything about the Top 10 Competitors that are competing with you is broken down into over 60 factors. Everything is analyzed based on what search engines and visitors see when they come to your Web Site. A report will tell you what you don’t have, what you have too much of, and suggests what you could change to improve your ranking.

An Expert Review of Your Website Gives You Detailed Advice

You’ll get advice on optimizing your pages and improving things like Keyword Density (the ratio of keywords to other text) and Page Weight (the size of your pages) – which affects how search engines and visitor-friendly your pages are. A full Competitor Analysis Report analyzes the top 10 pages of your competitors for optimization factors on the page as well as off-page link optimization factors, crucial to ranking in the top 10 search results.

It also gives you a comprehensive look at how your chosen page is viewed by the Search Engines which helps you understand what can be done to improve your ranking and get more traffic.

It also provides you with a list of keywords used by your competitors that you could be used to improve your ranking and get more traffic.

Know what the Search Engines Want and Don’t Want

A report will tell you exactly what you can do to optimize your site for a Search Engine. Examined are your keyword density and prominence, link popularity, the visible content on your pages, the extent of your HTML code, the text in your links, and dozens of other factors. This will all show you how your page appears to a Search Engine Spider. Also provided are detailed suggestions on what you should change to improve your ranking toward a top 10 Search Engine Results Placement.

You also get to compare your pages against top ranking sites for a search term you choose and more… Get a Free Web Site Analysis Report Now.

On-Page Optimization – Competitor Analysis

Overly optimize your pages for a search term and you could trip a search engine penalty against you and actually make your page ranking worse. The best way to determine the optimization you need to do is with competitor analysis. This will compare any web page against all the existing top 10 pages in a search engine of your choice.

Over 60 factors are analyzed which will tell you exactly what aspects of your page optimization you need to adjust to having any chance of getting into the Top 10 Search Results.

This way you can do just enough to compete, but not too much that you set the alarm bells ringing in the search engines and incur an over-optimization penalty.

Each Top 10 site’s pages, as well as YOUR page, are analyzed for on-page SEO factors for YOUR chosen keyword phrase.

The Keyword Quantity, Keyword Density, Keyword Prominence, Number of Words & Characters are analyzed in each of the following areas :

  • Page Title, Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Body Text Overall, Body Text – First Sentence
  • Page URL
  • H1 & H2 Headline Texts
  • On-Page Link Texts
  • Outbound Link Texts
  • On-Page URL’s
  • Outbound Link URL’s
  • Image ALT Tags and HTML Comment Tags.

The report concludes with advice on the Search Engine Compatibility of YOUR Site’s web page.
The report is packed with essential advice, tips, and guidance on what you need to do to get more traffic for your chosen keyword phrase.

To request YOUR Web Site SEO Analysis Report, go to the form at the top right-hand side of this page. Then just supply the Location URL of one of your web pages, the keyword phrase you want to get free traffic for, your first name, and your email address.

Off-Page Optimization – Competitor Analysis

In order to rank in Google’s organic search results we also need to analyze each of the Top 10 competitors in the search results for the following off-page factors:

  • Total Incoming Page Links
  • Keywords in link URL’s
  • Keywords in Link Texts
  • Other terms used in links
  • .edu Links
  • .gov Links
  • DMOZ Links
  • Yahoo Directory Listings

From this analysis and the report, it is possible to establish what factors have placed the analyzed web pages in the Top 10 search results.

Armed with this information you can decide if it’s possible for you to compete with at least one of the top 10 and gain their position in the Top 10 search rankings.

In reaching your decision you should consider if you have the time, resources, and knowledge to compete with those sites already in the top 10 rankings.

This report will help you decide whether you can compete on the keyword phrase you have chosen, or whether it would be best to compete initially for a keyword phrase that has less competition and with sites not so well entrenched in the Top 10 search results.

What You Need to do Next
If you want to learn from your competitors and discover what you need to do to get in the Top 10 Search Results, click on the Beat Your Competitors button below.

You will be taken to a page to complete a form with your name and email address and then taken to a Secure Server to make a one-time payment.

Once your payment is confirmed you will be directed to a page to answer some questions regarding your web site and the keywords for which you want an improved ranking and more free traffic.

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